mportant: The trafic was resumed on the highest road in Romania, and on the more highest roads in Europe, Transalpina
You can get more impresions about Transalpina, too.

In our resort you can get o lot of atractions:

- Trout in the yard, placed next to a beautiful young pine forest, where you can fish the trout yourself and give to our chef to prepare for you;
- Resting, reading, sleeping, swinging in the suspended hammocks listening the murmur of the waterfull in the pond;
- Tiroliana through the air on a length oh 50m for adults and children;
- Playground for children of all ages, containing many large and small slides, carousel, trampoline, swings, etc
- Fitness room, and ping-pong inside and outside, too.
- You can pamper in the evening near the request campfire around which one can sing, tell stories or jokes, also enjoying various entertainment from pension;
- Bikes, quads Arcticat, sport: tenis, football, voley;
- Luneta space with focus power zoom is available both for astronomical observations and to admire the mountain scenery penetrates privacy(especially chamois, deer, bears, foxes and wolves living on the Carpathians ridges) or domestic animals(goats, sheep, cows, bulls, horses, donkeys) grazing in Carpathians Mountains, too accompaniated by their shepherds.

Besides the exposed atractions, you can benefit here in the middle of the Carpatiens of the Mountain natural aerosols, that those negative ions that form over the forests of pine and spruce, ofering a known benefit to the organism.

For groups of turists we organise turistic programs including o lot of atractions, including transport from and to airport!

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